• Rob Chowda and Jim Freeland

    Show: The Rob and Freeland Show
    Websites: RobandFreeland.com
    Email: RobandFreeland@OracleBroadcasting.com

    The Rob and Freeland Show delivers the daily news and current trends with hard hitting analysis, and a humorous approach. Jim Freeland brings years of research and personal experience to the table, and also hosts his own talk radio broadcast, "Against the Wall".  Rob Chowdah threw his hat into the ring in late 2007 with Axiom Radio. Rob brings 8 years of research and over 4 years of broadcasting experience to the show. The Rob and Freeland Show is sure to get you thinking, smiling and informed and all before the lunch bell rings.

  • Doug Owen

    Show: Blacklisted Radio
    Websites: blacklistednews.com
    Email: doug@oraclebroadcasting.com

    Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen. The podcast is a 2 hour break down of current events and geopolitics. Their is always plenty of socially and politically inappropriate commentary. Topics that cut like a knife, guaranteed.

    The show is a fresh perspective that resonates with freedom lovers world wide. Blacklisted Radio brings some of the best guests to the stage. The show and guests discuss topics often not touched by other talk radio shows.

    Doug is a self described news junkie, healthy skeptic, incessant ranter, world student, and avid jogger. Doug also publishes his choice news picks at BlacklistedNews.com.

  • Charles Giuliani

    Show: Truth Hertz
    Websites: oraclebroadcasting.com
    Email: truthhertzradio@aol.com

    Charles has degree's in history, theology and education. His hobbies include biking, hiking, playing guitar, writing, and collecting fossils, minerals, ancient artifacts and meteorites. Charles has written 20 mostly-self-published books on subjects ranging from alternative science to history, politics and theology. He has also worked in public broadcasting for 9 years. Charles started out with his own local cable access TV show and later moved into radio broadcasting.

  • Mike Chambers

    Show: Mikes Liberty Garage
    Websites: LibertyGarage.us
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    The Liberty Garage is a radio talk show rooted in the Constitution and man's natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We breakdown the daily news and examine it from the Liberty perspective. You can find Mike's Facebook Fan Page Here!

  • James Freeland

    Show: James Freeland Show
    Websites: AgainstTheWall.info
    Email: TruthRising@Gmail.com

    James Freeland otherwise known as jjink is the host of  the James Freeland show at against the wall man cave studios

      Just a regular guy who has the balls to flip off the system and hopes others will too. Good man with a sordid past; who cares about people; loves his family; freedom and the right to say NO.

  • Michael Storm

    Show: Mile High Liberty Radio
    Websites: MileHighLibertyRadio.com
    Email: showinfo@milehighlibertyradio.com

    Mile High Liberty Media Network brings you economic, social, and political solutions for living in a rapidly changing vastly different America than was envisioned by our founders and one that brings constant new challenges with our rights and freedoms eroded daily by an ever encroaching corrupt Federal system. Tune in for discussion from experts and popular figures in the liberty movement, as well as daily reports and information from a host of local journalists from We Are Change, and other Colorado and liberty minded groups, worldwide. With hundreds of the worlds best independent/peoples media we'll cover a range of topics from: Health and wellness, clean foods and gardening, to financial management, local/organic currencies, preparedness, and much more.

  • Pete Santillli

    Show: The Pete Santilli Show
    Websites: ThePeteSantilliShow.com
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    Former U.S. Marine, Consumer Advocate, Former Coca-Cola Executive, Corporate Whistleblower, Radio Talk Show Host. Pete Santilli is a professional hell raiser; most notably recognized as the Lead Plaintiff in a $200 million dollar class action lawsuit against Coca-Cola.

  • Charlie McGrath

    Show: Wide Awake News
    Websites: WideAwakeNews.com
    Email: Info@WideAwakeNews.com

    Wide Awake is not just a radio program but a state of mind and it is my mission, my passion, and my duty to shine light on the greed of Wall Street and the corruption of Washington. My goal is simple, speak the truth, speak from the heart and never give up until all my fellow Americans are truly Wide Awake.

    After serving in Pappa Bush's Gulf War 1, I spent the next 18 years in the building industry. Over the years it became very clear to me that globalism was systematically dismantling not only my industry but all aspects of our economy. I've always had the ability to break down complex events and situations, and this has served me well in my professional career. With the obvious destruction of our republic, the never-ending wars, the power grab by Washington and Wall Street, the crumbling of our liberty, and the prospect of seeing my son being offered a chance to fight in the same sandbox that I did nearly twenty years ago, I decided that it was time to speak out.

  • Doug Newberry

    Show: Crisis of Reality
    Websites: CrisisofReality.com
    Email: Info@crisisofreality.com

    Doug Newberry is an activist who is outspoken on issues of finance, health, food, media and politics. A life long chef, financial software developer and fan of the sport of politics. Doug brings a unique perspective to all the issues of the day.

    Watch The Live Video Stream at CrisisofReality.com.

  • Nemo Denovo

    Show: Survive Change
    Websites: SurviveChange.com
    Email: Nemo@SurviveChange.com

    Nemo DeNovo brings to you his 20+ years experience studying the control system that faces our world today.  Looking for down to earth, workable common-man solutions to how to not just cope but to Survive and Thrive in our ever changing world.  The only constant in Life is Change.....

    Listen to ALL, Follow NONE....and THINK for Yourself!  Because Change Happens!

  • The Celtic Rebel

    Show: The Rebel Path
    Websites: celticrebel.wordpress.com
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    Before doing radio, The Celtic Rebel established himself as a blogger and a ground-breaking voice in the realm of conspiracy, synchronicity, media analysis and the occult. In terms of his writing, he has drawn comparisons to other notable rebels of the past such as Dostoevsky, Nietzsche and Mailer. Having rejected the predefined pathways laid by others, he has forged his own path, creating his own theories and dismantling those of even the most notable conspiracy bulwarks.

    In the arenas of social engineering, neuro-linguistic programming, and media symbol decryption, The Rebel has blazed a trail few dare follow, leaving many to wonder whether he is a genius or insane. The controversial Rebel Path show airing on Sundays is four unique hours of political incorrectness, destruction of sacred truths, psychosexual reflection, humor, chaos and forced introspection. Be forewarned, you will never look at the world around you the same way again.

  • Michael Herzog

    Show: The American Awakening
    Websites: www.theamericanawakening.org
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    Michael Herzog is a popular talk-show host who began his radio career with KFNX in Cave Creek, Arizona. Michael has now joined The Oracle Broadcasting Network.. He specializes in serious topics often relating to freedom and financial security. Michael has twenty-five years experience in Estate Planning and Personal Finance. He explains that he awoke from the hypnosis administered through Mainstream Corporate Media in 2005. Having been certified in Private Investigation along with his instincts telling him that Fox news wasn't reporting the 'real story,' he embarked on a journey down numerous journalistic trails researching everything from the Power Elite, the Neo-Con agenda, the North American Union, the Real I.D. Act, and the hidden United Nations agenda, to name just a few. In addition to his finance background, he also is a licensed pilot and an accomplished musician who writes music and plays guitar.

  • Jeff Rense

    Show: Rense Radio
    Websites: rense.com
    Email: rensewebmaster@gmail.com

    What you see is what you get! That's the description many listeners use when trying to describe this indescribable host and his most unusual nightly voyages into what he terms 'conversational journalism.' Jeff refers to his program as 'the end of the line...a detour to reality' and, night after night, presents riveting, mind-stretching information and truly unforgettable guests.

  • Hal Anthony

    Show: Behind The Woodshed
    Websites: oraclebroadcasting.com
    Email: markonthebeast@yahoo.com

    Hal opens a can of whoop ass each and every broadcast! Behind The Woodshed for that practical education and that hard but necessary dose of reality.

  • Dennis Fetcho aka The Fetch

    Show: Inside the Eye Live!
    Websites: InsidetheEyeLive.com
    Email: thefetch@insidetheeyelive.com

    Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observer, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom.  The Fetch is also the voice of "Inside the Eye", the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observer.

    He has appeared on Red Ice Radio, Occult of Personality, and The Rebel Path Radio with Oracle's very own "Celtic Rebel".

  • Jason Erb

    Show: Exposing Faux Capitalism
    Websites: fauxcapitalist.com
    Email: fauxcapitalist@yahoo.com

    Exposing Faux Capitalism, Jason Erb's weekly live show and podcast is 2 hours of hard hitting analysis, exposing Faux Capitalism in all its forms.

  • Curt Williams

    Show: Room 101
    Websites: Room101radio.net
    Email: Curt@room101radio.net

    In Room 101 your host Curt Williams discusses some of the most pressing social issues, namely Police Terrorism, public education and Big Pharma. These are just a few topics as there are so many issues facing us and our children right in our own backyard. While people wait for those in DC to make everything alright, our communities are crumbling. Social fragmentation has ripped us apart. We are afraid of our neighbors, afraid of the police, hell we are afraid of our own shadows. We lock ourselves away afraid of the world. So join Curt as he tackles these issues and much more.

  • Baran Hines

    Show: The Info Trap
    Websites: WTFRLY.com
    Email: NewsTips@wtfrly.com

    The Infotrap is the first podcast program for WTFRLY.com's WTF News. The
    show's goal is to increase total awareness to the changing environment
    in which the individual lives as it is affected by global geopolitical

  • Mike Cross

    Show: Unlock the Door
    Websites: oraclebroadcasting.com
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    Mike Cross, explores the hidden truths of psychology and philosophy in his new radio show to help "unlock the doors."  Mike, a former Oregonian now a resident of Stockholm, teaches psychology and international finance.

  • Andrew Sholly

    Show: The Cold Reality News and Report
    Websites: oraclebroadcasting.com
    Email: shollyac@coldrealitynews.com

    Andrew Sholly (shollyack) is a whistle-blower, activist and now talk show hosts of "The Cold Reality News & Report". Shollyack like many others has come to the realization that something is very wrong in America and abroad. The state of the world and the emerging chaos triggered him into his own independent research of why the world is spinning out of control. Join Shollyack for news, specials reports and guests to try and make sense of it all. He is also a computer professional and musician of 30 years.

  • Kyle John

    Show: Mind Over Matrix Radio
    Websites: MindOverMatrix.BlogSpot.com
    Email: thekylejohn@hotmail.com

    Kyle John is a street philosopher and author of the Mind Over Matrix blog.  He has a self published book under his belt and has brought a uniquely Canadian voice to the alternative media through his podcasts for a number of years.  Mind Over Matrix Radio will cover a wide range of important topics from natural medicine, media criticism, eugenics, transhumanism and psychology just to name a few.  Kyle has appeared as a guest host for Dennis Fetcho on "Inside the Eye Live!"

  • George Whitehurst Berry

    Show: Sedona Dreams
    Websites: SedonaDreams.com
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    Welcome to SEDONA DREAMS --- your source for pioneering studies in Reverse Speech. The author of the following articles is a student of the legendary discoverer and developer of Reverse Speech theory, David John Oates.

  • Nathan Dedmore

    Show: Practicap Radio
    Websites: ToolTreeBot.com
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    No matter what the Handicap we've got the Practicap! Our aim is to expose that which impairs the individual from living the good life.  You might find to your surprise, entire areas you never knew to look nor listen. So join Nathan every Sunday and see whats brought to the table, bring something to the table yourself and witness the HOW the Dead CAN begin to walk...

  • Hosts Round Table

    Show: Oracle Unleashed
    Websites: oraclebroadcasting.com
    Email: staff@oraclebroadcasting.com

    Oracle Unleashed is the brain child of Doug Owen and Lee Rogers, and is a 3 hour free for all round table show. Each show has a different group of Oracle Hosts and sometimes special guests / co-hosts that not only bring up the weeks events, but also rock some of the heaviest metal bumpers into the early morning hours. Unleashed is always fun for the listeners and hosts, and is a great weekly break down of news and interesting topics!

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